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Numedico Technologies is a challenger brand in the safety medical devices space. We’re at the forefront of innovative safety-engineered medical product technology.

As the owner of the ClickZip™ brand and a growing portfolio of innovative medical solutions, we keep updated of what’s happening in the industry and provide news and updates to our community.

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4 Common Safety Issues for Nurses

While being on shift, nurses are constantly facing many hazards.  About 21% of all nurses suffer from an accident at some point in their employment, as estimated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Compared to other work environments, healthcare facilities have the most significant rates of personal injuries, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).
March 21st, 2023  • 
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How to help a patient if they have a fear of needles

It’s pretty often that as a healthcare professional, you might come across a patient who fears needles. Their heart and stomach might rush when they imagine a needle inserted into their skin. Read more to learn the techniques on how to help your patients!
March 14th, 2023  • 
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New ClickZip website

We have launched our new ClickZip Safety Syringe website!
March 9th, 2023  • 
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Numedico Donates 10k+ Safety Syringes to Syrian Earthquake Aid

At Numedico our bigger vision is caring for the health and safety of communities around the world. We were heartbroken to hear about the devastating earthquake that hit Syria and Turkey.
February 27th, 2023  • 
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Debunking Sharps Injury Myths

Accidentally puncturing the skin with a sharp object, such as a needle, scalpel, or other medical instruments, causes a needlestick or sharps injury. These injuries are common in healthcare settings but can also occur in other industries where sharp objects are used.
February 10th, 2023  • 
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Thinking about botox? Here's what you need to know...

Are you thinking about getting rid of your wrinkles, forehead lines, frown lines,  getting lip fillers, and other cosmetic surgeries? Considering getting that botox to lessen the anti-aging process? Here is something you need to know first before getting that beauty procedure!
February 3rd, 2023  • 
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What Vaccines Do Most Schools Require?

It's 2023, and a new academic year is about to start. Educators, students, families, and communities are returning to school. Read more to check what vaccines most schools require.
January 26th, 2023  • 
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The Dangers of Blood Borne Pathogen and How to Prevent it

Human blood contains pathogenic microorganisms, and they are known as bloodborne pathogens or what we sometimes say as BBP; together with other potentially infectious materials (OPIM), they can spread disease. Learn more about the dangers of blood-borne pathogens.
January 24th, 2023  • 
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10 tips to stay healthy this 2023

The holidays are done, and keeping healthy at the start of the year may be difficult. And, when the weather becomes colder (or hotter for our friends down south), we want to ensure everyone takes all necessary precautions to stay healthy. We're offering tips for keeping yourself, your family, and others safe over the start of 2023!
January 20th, 2023  •  Media & News
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How to Treat a UTI?

What is a UTI? URICIL, is a product that can treat UTIs. It contains curcumin extracted from turmeric, a powerful antioxidant that fights illness and lowers its incidence. Click to find out more.
December 21st, 2022  • 
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