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Numedico Technologies Pty Ltd is a global safety medical devices company based in Australia. It is the proprietor, manufacturer and wholesaler of the Swiss designed ClickZip™ technology, including the ClickZip™ Needle Retractable Safety Syringe, a high-quality quality manual retractable needle injectable delivery system offering minimal dead space.

ClickZip™ Needle Retractable Safety Syringe Swiss technology

“The ClickZip™ safety syringe is easy to use, even for beginners. Using the syringe feels natural and I have confidence with the needle safety. It is a quick, convenient and a seamless process.”

Review by Andrew Milne
Fourth Year Flinders University Medical Student Graduate – describing his experience of the ClickZip™ technology.

A new, active, high quality needle with a retraction mechanism to prevent reuse and with a tilted needle innovation to encapsulate the needle in the syringe barrel, thus preventing needlestick injury and syringe reuse.

The ClickZip™ technology provides valuable protection for the health worker, their patients and others in the community and prevents the spread of disease, infection and blood-borne pathogens. The wide spread use of this technology is concerned with safety in the community and its long term health.

Its high quality needle strives to provide increased patient comfort and its mechanism offers the advantage of minimal dead space.

Ideal and safe for many applications including: large-scale immunisation programmes; hospitals; and medical clinic applications.

Our Story

Numedico Technologies Pty Ltd is the proprietor, manufacturer and wholesaler of the ClickZip™ Needle Retractable Safety Syringe.

First introduced to the market in 2006, the ClickZip™ Needle Retractable Safety Syringe ClickZip™ is US FDA 510K approved, ARTG approved and CE marked, ISO certification and is listed with the World Health Organization (WHO).

ClickZip™ Technology

ClickZip™ has been specifically designed to be used exactly like a traditional syringe with the added benefit of a locking mechanism that ‘clicks’ into place when the needle is fully depressed. When the needle is retracted it is drawn back into the barrel. Once fully retracted the needle tilts to the side, to prevent the needle being able pushed out for reuse or from causing potential needlestick injury. The barrel plunger is then snapped off as a further precaution for reuse or needlestick injury.

Safety First

ClickZip™ offers many advantages to the market such as:

1. High degree of safety due to needle retraction after use preventing needlestick injury and needle reuse.
2. Secure locking mechanism.
3. Easy to use. No or minimal training required.
4. Competitive cost to the end user.

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