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Bringing ClickZip™ Needle Retractable Safety Syringe with ultra low dead space to make your workplace safer

How ClickZip Retractable Syringe works

Like a traditional syringe, with the added benefit of a locking mechanism that ‘clicks’ into the place when the needle is fully depressed. When the needle is retracted, it’s drawn back into the plunger barrel. Once fully retracted, the needle tilts to the side, and is captured in the barrel. This prevents needlestick injuries or reuse. The barrel plunger is then snapped off as a further precaution.


5 Easy Steps 

1- OPEN : Blister pack

NOTE - Do not push plunger to the bottom of the barrel as this will activate the needle to retract

2- DRAW : Medication 

3- INJECT : Medication 

4- ZIP - Needle retracts into barrel 

4- Snap : Plunger Off 

See Video of use