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Purposeful medtech solutions

Our reputation as a leader in the medical devices industry is strengthened by a growing portfolio of high-quality products that provide our clients with choice and flexibility. We are adaptable and nimble in our approach, seeking to stay abreast of evolving industry needs in order to offer relevant solutions to the marketplace.

We combine an in-house brand portfolio with exclusive distribution rights for partnership brands.

Our brand portfolio includes: 

ClickZip™ Technologies - is the future of needle safety


ClickZip™ prevents reuse and needlestick injury due to its innovative tilted needle technology that encapsulates the needle in the syringe barrel.

ClickZip™ has been specifically designed to be used exactly like a traditional syringe with the added benefit of a locking mechanism that ‘clicks’ into place when the needle is fully depressed. When the plunger is fully depressed post injection the piston will easily engage the retraction mechanism, at which time an audible ‘click’ will be heard enabling the user to pull back the plunger drawing the needle through the hub into the barrel and tilting to one side. The plunger is then snapped off leaving the needle safely encapsulated in the barrel for safe and easy disposal. This action conforms with the reuse prevention (RUP) norms. No special techniques are required to use the safety mechanism. 

The innovative ClickZip™ range includes:

  • ClickZip™ Needle Retractable Safety Syringe

  • ClickZip™ Slimline Safety Syringe

  • ClickZip™ Safety Butterfly Needle

ClickZip™ products provide improved safety to the healthcare industry by reducing needlestick injuries, preventing needle reuse, and decreasing infections from bloodborne pathogens. 

The wide spread use of this technology is primarily concerned with community safety and its long term health.

ClickZip™ Technology - concerned with community safety and its long term health.

Numedico Everyday - striving for affordable and accessible health care solutions for our community


Numedico Standard Syringe Range 

Quality is integral to Numedico’s brand values and business ethos, and it’s the basis for our strong reputation worldwide and our Numedico Everyday brand. We provide high-quality, affordable and accessible medical supplies to hospitals, healthcare services, and consumers for at home health care.

Our strong foundation and agility enables close monitoring of our trusted sources in this rapidly changing healthcare environment today, to consistently deliver the best-quality products to our client community.

The Numedico Everyday range includes:

  • Standard Syringes

  • Safety Cap Syringes

  • Specimen Collection Set

Numedico's reputation as a leader is strengthened by its innovative medical technology.

Partnership brands - focused on providing leading medtech solutions to the industry



Sterilis Solutions

Solutions that serve to improve the way health care services are offered. Numedico Specialised focuses on partnering with other brands that share this same focus allows Numedico to provide exceptional solutions to our client communities.

Currently the Sterilis Solutions Sterilis Solutions™ Regulated Medical Waste (RMW) Autoclave/Grinding System sits within this business stream. This system provides on-demand remediation of RMW at the point of use and Numedico Technologies is the sole & exclusive distributor for the Asia-Pacific region.

  • A new, revolutionary approach to medical waste that combines an autoclave and grinder solution

  • Takes sharps containers and red bag waste from biohazardous waste (RMW) to harmless right at the point of use

  • The inert, confetti-like material that remains can be thrown out with the regular, urban waste stream.

  • Increases safety and reduces liability