Children tested for HIV after receiving needlestick injury

This past weekend has seen reported another incident of needlestick injury caused by a carelessly discarded used needle.

Last Sunday primary school aged children in the town of Irvine,  Ayrshire in the United Kingdom were tested for HIV and hepatitis blood borne pathogens and will face an anxious wait for results.

The children discovered the used syringe near a skip at a community centre and were taken to a local hospital before being allowed to go home.

The use of safety retractable needle technology can prevent these types of incidents occurring.

Retractable safety syringe technology results in a used needle retracting safely into the barrel, encapsulating it completely. As such it achieves a number of outcomes preventing needle reuse, encasing the sharp (the needle in its own barrel) and most importantly preventing the spread of blood borne pathogens.

Mandating the use of retractable safety syringe technology would be a significant step towards creating a safer environment for health workers, patients and the community as a whole.

To read more about this specific incident please click here.

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