Manufacturing & Licensing Opportunities

Investing in innovations that will create improved customer solutions

Numedico is a private global safety medical devices company based in Australia. We are supported by a global network. 

Numedico has long standing manufacturing partnerships with six factories in Asia. Numedico is expanding is presence globally and anchoring medical device manufacturing in jurisdictions around the world. The company has live projects in USA, Asia and the Middle East. 

Driven by safety and sustainability, our company is challenging the status quo to achieve better outcomes for health workers, patients and communities. 

As a future-focussed company, Numedico invests in developing technology that advances the medical devices industry to provide better customer solutions.

Are you a product developer in the medical devices space?

We are currently seeking new partnerships with product developers in the medical devices space and corporations and governments seeking to onshore medical manufacturing. If you believe your products and innovative technologies are a good fit for Numedico and you’re interested in working with our team, please contact us.

Are you interested in building a strong partnership with our manufacturing team?