Needlestick Injury - the pointy end of a preventable pandemic

The Challenge

Every 60 minutes, of every day, six people suffer a needlestick injury somewhere in the world. Every day, 3 people die as a result of those injuries[1].

The World Health Organisation (WHO) reports in the World Health Report 2002, that of the 35 million health-care workers world wide, two million experience percutaneous exposure to infectious diseases each year[2].

WHO estimates that 40% of the 16 billion injections annually administered worldwide involve reused, unsterilised syringes and needles. The re-use of injection equipment is responsible worldwide for 32% of new HBV infections, 40% of new HCV infections, and 5% of all new HIV infections[3].

These needlestick injury and infection statistics are frightening, result in billions of dollars spent on related health care, and are largely preventable if the use of safe medical devices designed to reduce this risk of these injuries, and where the re-use of needles is tempting, was mandated.

The Risks

There are more than 20 blood borne pathogens that can be transmitted by needlestick injuries. These include:
Hepatitis B; Hepatitis C; Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) ; Ebola;  Syphilis, Herpes, and Brucellosis.

The Solution

ClickZip™ Needle Retractable Safety Syringe and Retractable Safety Butterfly Needles are a globally patented Swiss technology active, high quality needle with a simple to use manual retraction mechanism to protect against needlestick injury and prevent needle reuse.

ClickZip™  has been specifically designed to be used exactly like a traditional syringe with the added benefit of a manual locking mechanism that ‘clicks’ into place when the needle is fully depressed and after use. When the needle is retracted it is drawn back into the barrel. Once fully retracted the needle tilts to the side, the barrel plunger is then snapped off, encapsulating the needle safely in the barrel, preventing reuse and potential needlestick injuries. It is a four step process: draw, inject, zip, snap.

It meets international standards for medical devices and OSHA recommendations for needlestick safety devices. Latex free, the ClickZip™ Needle Retractable Safety Syringe has been listed by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and has current US FDA 510K and ARTG approval, CE marked and ISO certification. It comes in a variety of sizes as both a safety syringe and a safety butterfly needle.

The features and the benefits of the technology

Numedico needles are made from the highest quality Japanese stainless steel cannulas and are latex free which eliminates latex sensitivities and reduces pain and increases patient comfort as the needles are very sharp. The patient can feel and hear when the mechanism is activated and therefore knows when the injection has been safely delivered.

As the technology and mechanism is intuitive and simple there is little or no need for training required, and the needle can be retracted before removing it from the patient and completely encapsulated in the syringe barrel, which increases user control and safety for health workers. This technology also prevents needle reuse and reduces space taken up in sharps containers – therefore it has a more efficient waste disposal rating. Lastly the technology meets international standards and is compatible with medical devices.

About Numedico Technologies

Numedico Technologies is a private company with its head office Australia and supported by sales offices and distribution networks in Asia, the U.S and Europe. It is committed to, a champion of, and is concerned with the safety, health and comfort of the health care worker and patient community.

It’s mission is to stop preventable death and the spread of disease by providing access to truly functional, practical, affordable and safe medical devices and technology. Numedico Technologies meets this mission and purpose by making well designed, functional, user-friendly and safe medical products and home health care solutions. Remaining nimble in this purpose by striving to always seek the best technologies for the developing world.

Numedico Technologies is founded with the belief that we can save lives everyday by providing every health care worker, patient and community with access to safe, affordable and reliable medical devices and drug delivery systems and to provide a sustainability to the health industry with the provision of remedial waste management systems.

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