Sterilis Solutions™ Regulated Medical Waste (RMW) Autoclave/Grinding System

Sterilis Solutions™ Regulated Medical Waste (RMW) Autoclave/Grinding System provides on-demand remediation of RMW at the point of use.

Numedico Technologies is the sole & exclusive distributor for the Asia-Pacific region.


  • A new, revolutionary approach to medical waste that combines an autoclave and grinder solution
  • Takes sharps containers and red bag waste from biohazardous waste (RMW) to harmless right at the point of use
  • The inert, confetti-like material that remains can be thrown out with the regular, urban waste stream.
  • Safety increased & Liability reduced
    • Point-of-care solution remediates RMW on demand, reducing the number of touch points and eliminating hauling liability
  • Reduces labor and handling
    • Easy-to-use device and touch pad
    • Cloud-based recording of  data
    • No manual tracking or record-keeping
    • No aggregating or boxing or shipping preparation
  • Dramatically improves sustainability
    • Reduces carbon footprint (CO2, mercury emissions, and incinerator ash) with waste volume reduction up to 80%
  • Significant cost savings
    • Provides controllable fixed costs
    • Labor/regulatory cost savings
    • Lower operating costs
  • Fortifies emergency preparedness
    • Portable, self-contained system
    • Plug-in and start
  • Versatility
  • Designed to handle small to medium amounts of waste
  • The size makes it an excellent choice for clinics, labs, surgery centers, quarantine areas, dialysis, dermatology, and ophthalmology practices
  • Easily fits into a clinic, lab, or dirty room
  • User Interface Touch Screen; Log in, load RMW and press start
  • Approximately 60-minute cycle
  • Automatically logs and stores compliance data
  • Prompts and records  biochallenges to state regulations
  • Low operating noise, < 60dB
  • No plumbing required, self contained system


4.5 ga.
355 mm
14 in.
330 mm
36 in.
1194 mm
269°F to 280°F
936 lb.
Touch Screen
Single Phase
User Friendly
Self Contained
Self Contained
220 V
26 in.
30 A
17 L
13 in.
36 in. x 26 in. x 48 in.
Biohazardous RMW
48 in.
914 mm
132°C to 138°C
425 kg
60 Hz
Self Contained
Self Contained
60 min.
Low Operating Noise (< 60 dB)
607 mm