ClickZipTM Manual Retractable Safety Syringe: 3ml (23G x 1″) Box of 100


Box contains 100 safety syringes.

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ClickZipTM is a unique safety syringe that has been specifically designed to be used in the same way as a traditional syringe, with the added benefit of a safety locking system to prevent needle stick injuries and reuse.

This pre-assembled syringe is latex free and the needle is made from the highest quality Japanese stainless steel to minimise discomfort. The ClickZipTM safety needle reduces the risk of injury and dramatically reduces sharps waste by taking up just a portion of the normal syringe space within a sharps container.

Step One: Draw up the medication as per protocol.
Step Two: Inject the medication as per protocol. Once complete, remove from patient and push firmly on plunger until a “CLICK” is heard and/or felt.
Step Three: Immediately “ZIP” (retract) the plunger right back until the needle is contained within the syringe.
Step Four: Snap off the plunger at the breaking point to disable the needle.

The needle now cannot cause needle stick injury or be reused. Dispose of as per facility policy.