ClickZip™ Safety Butterfly Needle Range

ClickZip™ Safety Butterfly Needle

How the butterfly syringe works

The ClickZip™ Safety Butterfly Needle has been specifically designed to be used exactly like a traditional butterfly needle. However, this safety syringe offers an in-vein manual retraction mechanism that can be activated during the needle withdrawal process. Once the needle is withdrawn, it’s locked and covered by the needle safety sleeve preventing risk of needlestick injury, needle reuse and direct exposure to blood or blood borne pathogens.

The ClickZip™ technology provides valuable protection for health workers, patients and others in the community. It also features a high-quality Japanese designed stainless steel cannulas, providing increased patient comfort. 

The ClickZip™ Safety Butterfly Needle is a high-quality needle, free from latex and DEHP, and simple and safe to use.

This butterfly syringe is ideal for hospitals, mobile medical services, large-scale blood collection services, veterinary and medical clinic applications.

ClickZip™ meets international standards

ClickZip™ meets international standards for medical devices and the US Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) recommendations for needlestick safety devices. The ClickZip™ Safety Butterfly Needle is CE marked and ISO certified.