What Vaccines Do Most Schools Require?

It's 2023, and a new Academic year is about to start. Educators, students, families, and communities are returning to school. The start of the school year is a time of promise, optimism, and opportunity to unlock new achievements. Another milestone in keeping closer to your goals of having a prosperous future.

Amid the nation's pandemic recovery, schools and institutions are working hard to provide students with the resources they need to heal, study, grow, and bounce back faster and stronger than ever.

To fulfill the goals and contribute to the success of this academic year, the number one priority is to support the health and safety of children, school workers, and families. In truth, each state and DC has vaccination mandates, and each state and DC also provides for vaccine exemptions. Here is a list of vaccines that kids must get before starting school:

  • DTaP: Diphtheria, Tetanus, & Pertussis

  • IPV: Polio

  • Varicella: Chickenpox

  • MMR: Measles, Mumps, & Rubella

  • HepB: Hepatitis B

  • HepA: Hepatitis A

  • Hib: Haemophilus Influenza Type b

  • PCV: Pneumococcal

We only listed the required vaccine needs for all kindergarten students. If your kid will be four years old when kindergarten starts, please check your local state's regulations. If you are in the US, you can check the list of required vaccines here, and if you are in Australia, you can visit this website to check your kid's vaccination requirements.