What happens when you have to put your pet 'to sleep'?

A deep attachment begins when you bring a new pet into your home. And as they get older, all fur parents ponder, "Am I prepared to put down my fur kid when the time comes?"

We fear losing our pets since they are so important to us. But sooner or later, that moment will come. When it occurs, and you've made the difficult – but humane – the decision to put your elderly or unwell pet to sleep, you may have concerns. Is it going to hurt? Can I accompany my pet throughout the procedure? Is it possible to do it at home? Knowing the facts might help you and your family feel more at ease about what will happen.

Can it be done at home, or should it be at the vets?

It is possible to perform it at home or your veterinarian's clinic. Not all veterinarians will perform this in your house, so double-check beforehand. You should look for one that provides this service.

What is the process, and how is it done?

Your veterinarian may give your pet a tranquilizer before delivering the euthanasia solution. This will allow your pet to be completely calm and asleep before proceeding to the following stage.

Eventually, the euthanasia solution is injected into a vein in your pet's body, where it quickly spreads throughout the body. Your dog will go asleep in seconds, feeling no pain or suffering. Breathing will slow and ultimately halt during the next several seconds. A cardiac arrest will occur soon after, culminating in death. A peaceful death usually happens within 30 seconds after iv infusion.

What happens after putting your dog to sleep?

At this time, your veterinarian will allow you the space to grieve the loss of a cherished family member but be warned that your pet's body may discharge bodily fluids such as urine, feces, and so on following death.

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