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The features and the associated safety and other benefits of the ClickZip™ technology include:

Highest quality Japanese stainless steel cannulasSharp needle to reduce pain for patient
Latex freeEliminates latex sensitivities
No leakageAvoids contamination
No gap - minimal dead spaceReduced viral survival
Active-retractable needle technology – manual retractionIncreased user control
After the injection is given, the user can retract the needle before of after removing the needle from the patientReduce needle exposure
Increase users control and safety
No change to injection techniqueNo or minimal training required – simple to use
When retracted after use, the needle tilts to one side into the syringe barrelEncapsulating the needle in the barrel of the syringe increases safety, reduces risk of needlestick injury, prevents reuse of needle and reduces need for sharps container
The barrel incorporates the needle back-stopperPrevents the syringe disassembling
The safety feature is an integral part of the deviceNo need to ‘add-on’ safety features, no additional operation required and user-friendly technology
The user can hear and feel when the locking mechanism is activatedThe user knows when injection has been successfully delivered, increasing the user’s confidence Meets NIOSH recommendation for needlestick devices
After needle retraction, the plunger is snapped of encapsulating the used needleSafe disposal after use and further prevention of reuse or needlestick injury
Break away plungerPrevents reuse
Full compliance with ISO Quality System for ManufacturingMeets international standards for medical devices
Low manufacturing costCost competitive verses other safety engineered medical devices
ClickZip™ technology flexibilityCompatibility with various medical devices for drawing and injecting medicines and drugs