How It Works

The ClickZip™ Safety Butterfly Needle is simple and safe to operate, which is why the technology is so valuable. Minimal or no extra training is required to use this product.

The below diagram details a simple three step process of how the technology is used: INSERT, WITHDRAW , ZIP.

INSERT: Shown is the ClickZip™ Safety Butterfly Needle as it is packaged. Remove the needle packaging. INSERT the needle into the arm using the standard technique. Tape down wings to skin for stability. Remove cap. Connect the tubing to the lure. Administer medicine or withdraw blood as required.

WITHDRAW: When the needle is no longer required for in-vein use, disconnect the tubing and cap, remove stability tape from the arm and WITHDRAW the needle from the arm.

ZIP: Once the needle has been withdrawn, ZIP the needle safety sleeve fully over the exposed needle until a click is heard. The needle is now completely covered, fully disabled and unable to be used again. Discard the complete unit in the general waste bin or sharps box depending on individual organisation protocol and procedures.