The ClickZip™ Safety Butterfly Needle offers many advantages including:


  • Needle can be completely withdrawn into the needle safety sleeve
  • In-vein activation to reduce accidental needlestick injuries (NSI)
  • The audible ‘CLICK’ to assure user that the safety lock has been activated completely and permanently
  • Closed design reduces the risk of exposure to blood and blood borne pathogens


  • Individual, small, lightweight and simple to use
  • Easier to adjust the angle of venipuncture for difficult vein conditions
  • Intuitive handling without any change in venipuncture technique
  • Rapid confirmation of venous access through transparent hub


  • Complete control of needle withdrawal from the patient’s vein
  • Raised tab and curved design to prevent finger from sliding


  • Sharp needle for increased patient comfort
  • Individual packaging, EO sterilisation, pyrogen, DEHP, and Latex free, ready to use
  • Increased user control
  • Reduced needle exposure – increased user control and safety
  • Minimal or no training required to use safety aspects of the device
  • User knows when the needle has been safely disabled for future use
  • Meets international standards for medical devices
  • Compatibility with other medical devices in the use of administering medicines or drawing blood