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Welcome to the new ClickZip™ Needle Retractable Safety Syringe, developed from Swiss technology.

This high quality retractable syringe is like no other on the market, and is available at a fraction of the price.

ClickZip™ technology prevents reuse and needlestick injury due to our innovative titled needle technology that encapsulates the needle in the syringe barrel once used. This technology provides valuable protection for the health worker, their patients and others in the community and prevents the spread of disease, infection and blood-borne pathogens.

The wide spread use of this technology is primarily concerned with community safety and its long term health.

The ClickZip™ technology, with its high quality needle is also focused on providing increased patient comfort.

Specifically Designed

ClickZip™ has been specifically designed to be used exactly like a traditional syringe with the added benefit of a locking mechanism that ‘clicks’ into place when the needle is fully depressed. When the needle is retracted it is drawn back into the barrel and once fully retracted the needle tilts to the side, preventing the needle being pushed out for re-use, or from causing needlestick injuries. The barrel plunger is then snapped off as a further precaution for reuse or needlestick injury.


“The ClickZip™ safety syringe is easy to use, even for beginners. Using the syringe feels natural and I have confidence with the needle safety. It is a quick, convenient and a seamless process.”

– Review by Andrew Milne – Fourth Year Flinders University Medical Student Graduate – describing his experience of the ClickZip™ technology.